Using a brain-based assessment and therapeutic treatment approach, we help individuals with sensori-motor processing disorders and diagnoses including ADHD, Autism Spectrum, Dyslexia and others that are affecting focus and attention as well as academic, behavioral and developmental skills.  We also treat children and adults with rehabilitation needs.


An experience with Body 4 Brain begins with a complimentary phone conversation to discuss your child and the concerns you are having causing you to reach out to us.  This conversation will lead to a determination of what to do next.



Body 4 Brain offers a number of programs to treat you child:


  • Initial Consultation includes explanation of brain based and sensory processing evaluations, therapy and goals.     


  • Evaluations

    • In Clinic - children, teens and adults.   

    • School evaluations.


  • Weekly sessions including home program.


  • Sensory Diet  a detailed multi-activity home program typically for children on the autistic spectrum.


  • Intensives 3 weeks, can include a combination of sensory motor, academics, speech and language, listening, visual motor and behavioral support.


  • Environment Consultations - On site visits,  for home, IEP or school training.


  • Trainings and Workshops -  for educators, therapists and parent groups,



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