Janessa Rick has worked with my daughter for over 5 years and the experience has been nothing less than extraordinary. Janessa evaluated my daughter and put in place a flexible program that we could do both with Janessa and at home.  My daughter has made tremendous progress and is now playing ice hockey, soccer and softball.  Her academic progress is also remarkable.  Janessa's enthusiasm and willingness to work with all of my daughter's other therapists, teachers and school made all of the difference!  She treats the whole child. Thank you!!


C. S.

Greenwich, CT


I have been taking my boy/girl twins to Body4Brain for about six months now. 

My initial reason for bringing my daughter there at the age of three and a half was due to some physical strength and coordination concerns.  I subsequently took her twin brother for lack of focus and sensory concerns.  We have been working with both kids now for about six months and I am seeing drastic improvements in my daughter's physical abilities and vision skills and my son's ability to maintain focus and endurance during tasks.  I feel as if we are preventing issues years down the line by working on these things now.


In addition to the weekly session at Body4Brain, we do nearly daily exercises at home.  I appreciate this unique opportunity to provide an age appropriate way to work on concepts such as: (1) practicing and hard work is how we improve, (2) we work fast and focused, and (3) sometimes we just need to work on something even if we don't feel like it but we will reap the rewards. So, besides improving the kid's vision, vistibular system (for balance and coordination), physical skills, and endurance, I am very happy to building their character as well.  


Finally, working with Janessa has been an enjoyable experience. I appreciate her level of professionalism and expertise.  Communication and flexibility (when possible) have always been great.  Her ability to design a program which is realistically achievable for parent and child is appreciated.  I have also been thankful to have someone to seek input from on other issues that concern the kids, such as school choices.  


In summary, I would recommend working with Body4Brain based on both the valuable growth I have seen in my kids and the good working relationship with Janessa, who genuinely desires what is best for the kids.


V. H.

New Canaan, CT