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Our policy



Home program is one of the ways that Body4Brain is unique
All the information we have on the brain and creating new patterns is clear, CONSISTENCY is Essential!


Your child is given an individual plan that is reviewed and updated at each session.  Exercises should be done a minimum of 5/6 days per week ( including session).
In almost all cases I'd rather reduce the exercise regime duration than the frequency it is done.


We work individulally with parents and children to insure that the home program exercises and activities work for the parent child dyad.  Home program is reviewed at every session and modified and upgraded as the child progresses.



Are free of charge and are welcome to discuss your child's progress.  Please keep me informed of any changes to your child's schedules, e.g., adding or subtracting other therapies, biomedical supports or activities.


Everything your child is involved in effects them, you and the prognosis for their success.

I am available also to attend school team meeting either on the phone or in person.

There is a charge for in person school meetings, but for the most case I will not charge for phone meetings if possible. There is no ONE answer to a child's best development and I want to be part of your child's team!


There is no charge for cancellations due to the child's illness.

Any other cancellations will be charged, but a make up is allowed at a mutual convenience within two months.
Planned vacations are allowed. Please give as much notice as possible, so we can possibly fill your child's vacation slot.


Are a wonderful way to propel your child's system forward.
Many of the children are needing to " catch up" to their age appropriate peers and unfortunately the school systems are not yet focused on this.

There is a tendency to push the children with higher demands without the fundamental foundations needed for those demands.

That is the work we do together at Body4 Brain.
Whether the concern is academic, behavioral, developmental, sensory motor, eg, reducing primitive reflexes or increasing endurance or multitasking issues, extra sessions or intensives (on vacations or other extended times), will support your child in handling the task demands expected of them.




  • Initial Consultation includes explanation of brain based and sensory processing evaluations therapy and ongoing goal and therapy review     free


  • Evaluations

    • Clinic - 6 and older, teens and adults   $750.00

    • Clinic - under 6    $500.00

    • School evaluations -   $1300.00


  • Weekly sessions including home program and/or      Sensory Diet        $150.00


  • Intensives 3 weeks can include integration of sensory motor, academics, speech and language, listening, visual motor and behavioral support.  Price upon request


  • Environment Consultations - On site visits,  for IEP, school training    $200 hour



About our Payment Schedule:


  • Payment for evaluations are due on day of evaluations.


  • Payments for weekly treatment sessions will be billed monthly and are due on the first visit of the following month.


  • Payments can be made through checks made out to Body4Brain, cash or Chase QuickPay


Insurance Reimbursement:


You will receive a bill with treatment codes that are reimbursable by your insurance company.

We do require an RX ( prescription from your doctor that includes a diagnosis)

Typical diagnosis include Specific Developmental Disorder of Motor Function, ADHD, Autism Spectrum

Your physician can give you his own referral and prescription form or you can have him fill out ours . 


B4B Doctor's Referral Form

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